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So some of you may have heard of a game called Space Engineers. (For the rest of this post I am going to assume that you play it and know how it works.)

Lately a lot of Space Builder Games have come out, and a lot feel very similar to Space Engineers, and often have a lot of cool features compared to Space Engineers. Maybe you have to wire everything up, maybe you have proper thruster physics, a lot of games coming out to rival Space Engineers have these, but one thing these games have been missing is the graphics, and the polish of Space Engineers. Yes I know, Space Engineers isn’t perfect, in fact it has a LOT of bugs, but compared to other games that try to be like Space Engineers they don’t have the same (albeit low) amount of polish. But the thing is, these other games are going to catch up soon, while some are being done by a single person, like Starship: Evo (I highly recomend giving it a go, its really good for being made by one person, you can check it out here)

Currently KSH’s current strategy for updates is “major” update every 6 or so months, with a few free blocks, and a lot more paid DLC blocks. But with almost every one of these updates other then Warfare 1, they have not added any new features that allow them to keep up with the competition, which are slowly, but surely, catching up. In my opinion, unless Warfare 2 brings enough to the game to keep it interesting, it will die when other games catch up.

I sure do hope KSH will do the right thing and make more proper major updates that actually add new content to the game other then just small updates that add new paid blocks, and some free ones. But in the end, KSH just seems to only be interested in milking Space Engineers while putting in as little effort as possible to maintain it.