Welcome to my personal archive, I put stuff here that I want to keep for a long while. Feel free to download anything!

If you want me to take something down, email me at removals At meowcat285 dot com


canyon.mid | Just canyon.mid from classic windows


Carrier Command 2 Playtest.7z | Early build of Carrier Command 2, the version used during the playtest

Duke Nukem Forever_2001_leak.zip | Leaked 2001 build of Duke Nukem Forever. Original source: https://archive.org/details/duke-nukem-forever-2001-leak


iOS.App.Signer.app.zip | A tool I use for signing IPAs, honestly not sure where I got it, I just found it useful.

FixedSimpleLightProbePlacer.unitypackage | A fixed version of Simple Light Probe Placer for unity. Its a tool that makes placing light probes way easier, this fixed version even works with the newest version of unity